Transitioning from the Military to civilian life comes with its obstacles, but the right career can make it easier. You have the skills. Now you just need the right job to apply them to, and Path to Pro is here to support you in that journey. The Home Depot’s Free Training program helps you understand the jobs available to you, gain experience in the basics and discover the best career path for you. If you are ready to attend a technical college, your GI Bill benefits can even help pay for tuition and school-related fees. Get to know all the life benefits offered by pursuing a career in the skilled trades.

What a career in the skilled trades can do for you:

Job security

A high demand for skilled workers means you’re always in a job.

Growth opportunities

Attract professionals on the Path to Pro Network with your Military Badge.

Top Connections

Join the Path to Pro Network to match with the right professionals.


Head straight to the workforce without the requirement of a college degree.


We’re here for guidance during any stage of your career.


Land an apprenticeship and get paid while you train.